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Cover Arrival - Black Reuss.jpg

New album "Arrival" out December 1st

New music is on the way. The third album "Arrival" will be released on December 1. On the album are 10 brand new songs.

For this third album Black Reuss collaborated with several talented musicians like Diego Rapacchietti from the legendary Swiss band Coroner. David Vetsch, ex The Beauty Of Gemina, played all bass guitars on Arrival. There is also space for a duet with the very talented singer Anna Murphy (ex. Eluveitie and now Cellar Darling), who sang the song Soul Awakening in collaboration with Black Reuss.

"I perceived the sign, it was a natural denial. Through the darkness of the divine, I creep to the arrival. Got rid of old preferences, to give up the bad demeanor. Bring them into good references and soon manage to wean them."

In advance comes the single "Evolution" with a video on November 3rd.

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