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Black Reuss is a life flow of a person who represents his life change through music.  Black Reuss consists of four sections, Metamorphosis, Journey, Arrival and Death. All four are stages of life, which are processed in the songs.The name originates from the river Reuss, a Swiss river that rises in the Gotthard massif in the middle of Switzerland.

Stylistically, Black Reuss is at home in heavy metal with a touch of melancholy and a certain heaviness, the heaviness that has accompanied Black Reuss his whole life. And as in the river, which carries more and more water, the experiences and insights that Black Reuss collects on his way are more and more, until one day the light goes out and disappears in the eternal sea.

Metamorphosis is the first album, which will be released on June 4, 2021. The first stage of life is about the transformation, the transformation of a man who is between worlds and nowhere really at home. Struggles with himself and with the world. Will Black Reuss make the journey? What will he encounter in his transformation, what will he take with him and what not.

There is one person behind Black Reuss. Music, compositions, production, lyrics everything is from one pen and as close to the person behind Black Reuss as it can be.

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